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    At BlasonOnline, you will find everything for your SPA Equipment. 
    Are you renovating or opening a Spa? Or just do you wish to update your business? At prices 4less. We are located in Miami, Florida.

    We Export-Import to North, Central, South America and The Caribbean

    Looking for special products for SPA? Look no further, Call us and receive the proper information.

    Do not stay behind.
    The world of aesthetics, both facial and body, advances and changes day by day, as does technology in general. Aesthetic procedures and equipment have improved rapidly in recent years, due to the great demand and desire of human beings to improve both their health and their appearance in general.
    Blason Spa Equipment is up to date with the latest equipment and technologies to help #Estheticians to perform at the top of their capabilities, providing help, training and technical service.

    We carry an extensive line of SPA equipment, furniture, products, etc.

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    Buying Spa equipment for your workplace is not an easy task.
    Especially when it comes to seeking the most suitable for the type of clients that you're looking for and the type of services that you think offer.
    The most important thing to buy Equipment for your area of Aesthetics is to help you be efficient both in results and in the time spent with each client, as far as you can increase your Appointments also increase your income... without lowering the quality of your service, but using the right tools and equipment to help you streamline your work.
    Here at Blason Spa Equipment, we will help in that process.
    Visiting our showroom at Hialeah you can see, try and get an idea of what the market offers and how to use it to improve, renovate or expand your services.
    Buy with peace of mind knowing that we will provide warranty and service on products you purchase.

    You do not have to spend a fortune on your equipment or wait weeks to arrive, you do not have to fight with vendors, returns, timeout or receive what you did not expect.
    Blason Spa Equipment will help you choose, with patience, and the best prices, what you're looking for, giving you the opportunity to see, taste and touch what you are buying.
    Service, warranty, and training.
    Blason Spa Equipment 
    3110 W 84th St Unit 4,
    Hialeah Florida 33018
    (786) 331-89-33  /  (786) 331-7457  /  (786) 255-4569
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