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  The rise of interest in aesthetic treatments in men is a fact. More and more men are turning to aesthetic medicine to improve their appearance: from reducing fat in the abdominal area to eliminating the bags under the eyes, through improving the appearance of the breast with implants.


                                                              Men and facial procedures  

   The reasons why they come to the consultation are diverse, and the increase in life expectancy is one of them. "Every time we live more years and have a greater active life, at the same time the labor market demands a young and healthy aspect. Many people break their professional and personal orientation and look for an external appearance that reflects that vitality and energy that they still have in their interior", explains Doctor Pierre Nicolau, a specialist in plastic surgery and aesthetic medicine.


   In addition, the sector in which you work also influences. "Especially people who move in areas such as health, lifestyle or luxury have to show an image that matches their business," says the expert.


   Another reason that can lead a man to the consultation is the fact of wanting to pretend a higher status since nowadays "having a healthy and young appearance is related to a good social category", says the doctor.

Patient profile: from 30 years old.

                                                                                           male aesthetic treatments 2

   The men who usually go to the consultation are between 30 and 65 years old and are worried about their image and their health. "Those who are between 30 and 50 are concerned mainly about the body and premature aging. Those over 50, on the other hand, show more interest in the face and neck. They come to the consultation because they do not want to be noticed over the years, either for professional reasons or even because they have a younger partner, "explains Dr. Nicolau.   

The most demanded treatments

   As for the face, men ask a lot to eliminate the eye bags, reduce the double chin, and improve other aspects such as the shape of the ears and nose.

   Number one? Hair Removal of body hair.                                                               men treatments

   Regarding the body, among the most demanded treatments we find the improvement of the appearance of the male breast, which is achieved by gynecomastia, an intervention to reduce accumulations of fat or tissue in the chest of men; the muscular definition through implants or grafts of their own fat, as long as the person already starts from an adequate weight and exercises; and general weight loss, especially eliminate belly, through liposuctions.

   The Doctor insists that "weight loss in men is more complex than in women since these tend to have deep fat and techniques such as liposculpture can only be carried out if the fat is superficial."


    One of the most innovative treatments offered by aesthetic medicine for males is the tensioning threads, which are used to delay the appearance of wrinkles. Through different techniques, they are introduced deeply into the decayed lines of the face and neck offering a relocation of the slipped tissues, a greater thickness of the skin, and a better tone. “It is a treatment that has had great success not only among the female audience but also among the males because men do not like surgery very much, especially in the face. This treatment does not require hospitalization or general anesthesia and is very invasive. ”


   Finally, the specialist recalls that "all these techniques have to be performed by licensed specialists and which services appear in recognized sites since they are not harmless, and not performed correctly can pose risks to health and image."


(Published: 02 04 2018 - Dr Pierre Nicolau for Bellezzia aesthetic clinics)



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